Paleo Food

It’s been called the Caveman Diet, the Stone Age Diet, and the Primal Diet. We refer to it as the Paleo diet, and it’s time we educate about this ‘New-Old’ diet.

What is the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet refers to a ‘simpler’ way of eating. Maybe not simpler in the sense of being able to drive up to a window to eat, but simpler in the sense that we could have had this diet hundreds of years ago.

What is Paleo-safe Food?

Let’s think about what we would eat before we created – or processed – food? Before we had GMO’s, when we had to find or hunt the food we would eat.

  • Meats – Chicken, beef (grass fed, yum!), turkey, bacon, lamb, rabbit, and pork!paleo friendly food
  • Seafood – Salmon, wild caught fish, shrimp, and shellfish.

The thing to remember with these – how would they have been when cavemen were roaming around? They wouldn’t have cows consuming grain or fish consuming feed. It’s grass fed, wild caught, free range, etc.

With that in mind, eggs are also on the table. Chicken, Duck, or Goose (if you can find them)!

  • Vegetables – Feast away! Organic veggies, pesticide and antibiotic free are on the table. Peppers and onions, broccoli, spinach, kale – it’s all delicious! Celery, Cabbage, Cauliflower, and Avacado – Just try and eat these raw if possible.
  • Fruits – This is where we are going to get most of our ‘sugar’. Fruits like apples, bananas, pears, oranges, and berries are all safe on the Paleo diets. If you’re trying to lose weight on this diet, you’ll want to cut back on the fruits a little and supplement them for vegetables.

What else?

  • Nuts and Seeds are good for you.
  • Healthy Fats – Coconut and olive oils, lard, grass fed butter, and natural fats.
  • Salts & Spices to add a little bit to your natural meals.
  • Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes are good to go as well!

While we’re obviously going to be a little more limited on the Paleo diet, we obviously still have PLENTY of options.

Foods to Avoid

Foods we should stray away from while we’re on the Paleo diet are pretty obvious. If you can’t imagine it in a cave, it probably shouldn’t be on your plate either.

  • Bread is not a Paleo-friendly food. Milling flour wasn’t top on a caveman’s priority list.
  • Dairy is also not on the plate. Milk & cheese – sadly for us Wisconsinites – are cut.
  • Grains and Legumes
  • Sugar-heavy sodas, juices, and soft drinks are all manufactured foods that are not Paleo safe.

It’s important to stay away from pesticides, antibiotics and fillers.

A general rule of thumb? If you can find it in a box at the grocery store, it’s a safe bet that it may not be Paleo-friendly.

The great part of the Paleo diet – it’s a wonderfully healthy way to get your vitamins and minerals through food in a fun, safe, and simple way.


Have questions about the Paleo diet? What is/isn’t considered Paleo, or the numerous health benefits? Feel free to contact us!