Grass Fed

The Benefits of Grass Fed MeatsGrass Fed Meat

At The Grainery, you’ll be able to find Organic and Grass Fed meats, free range chickens, and delicious farm fresh eggs.

It’s possible that up until now, you haven’t paid too much attention to where the meat you’re cooking comes from, but let’s dive into a few benefits of eating grass fed versus grain fed.

1. Proper Heart-Healthy, Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Eating grass fed – real meat – gives you healthy fatty acids that the body utilizes properly. Cows aren’t going to be able to develop in a healthy and natural way if they’re fed fake, modified food. After all, cows are meant to eat grass other than cereals, grains, or breads. This also brings us to number 3.

2. Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals

The grass cows consume is how they’re able to create the vitamins, minerals, and fats. These transfer over to the meat that humans consume which is another great benefit.

3. Less Total Fat

Many times, grass fed cows are also able to actually walk around instead of being cooped up in a cage their entire life. Because of this, the total amount of fat in grass fed meat is typically less (while still being better for you).

4. Less Likely to Contain Hormones & Antibiotics

Considering approximately 80% of the hormones used in the United States is used on cattle, it’s normal to be worried while eating beef. Farmers who have a high demand of meat are more likely to use antibiotics and hormones to produce a higher quantity of meat quicker. What they’re not realizing is the quality is what a lot of us are really worried about.


On top of all of this – grass fed meats are also delicious! It’s no wonder the popularity is sky-rocketing in more than just the health-conscious world.