Probiotics – For Men, Women, Children…and Pets?

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are helpful for your health – primarily your

digestive system – which is why they’re often referred to as good bacteria. These are often found in our body, but can also be found in many of the foods we eat.
Probiotic literally means “for life”

Good Bacteria?

That’s right, good bacteria. Our intestines are home to hundreds of millions of different bacteria – some bad, but an overwhelming amount neutral and good. While there are many different kinds of probiotics today, some common uses for this good bacteria include…

  • Improving Digestion health
  • Strengthen our Immune System
  • Help in Weight Loss

The uses for probiotics keep coming as they’re more widely studied. So where do we find these good bacteria?

Foods with Probiotics

The amount of healthy – delicious food that will help out our gut is amazing. From Korea to Germany, in Yogurt and in Pickles, you can help out your intestines just by eating!

You can find the Top 10 Foods right here – what are some you can find right here at The Grainery in Baraboo?

Coming in a variety of seasonal flavors – Kombucha, which is a type of fermented tea, is great for your gut (and delicious)!


That’s right, Yogurt contains a spoonful of Probiotics that help with gut health. The great thing here? Dress it up however you want to! Add berries, granola, honey (all of which you can get from The Grainery) and eat away!


Often defined as ‘probiotic yogurt’. It’s no wonder this is wonderful for your health. What’s nice about kefir is the consistency. Being a little more watery than yogurt, this drink is perfect when you’re on the go and just need to slurp something down.

Sauerkraut & Kim-Chi

Fermented cabbage – One from Germany and the other Korea. Both of these are jam-packed with probiotics and perfect for topping a multitude of dishes. Whether you’re tossing some kraut on a sausage or Kim-Chi on…really anything Korean, you’re in for a treat.

Probiotics in Supplements

Sure, we can find this healthy bacteria in plenty of foods. What about those of us who don’t want to go out of our way to change our diet though? Great news for you too.

Probiotics come in supplement form as well!

We make it that easy for you. No need to modify a diet, go out of your way to eat sauerkraut (then chew some gum after). Just pop a probiotic supplement and you’re gut will be set for the day!

There are probiotics for kids, women’s health, men’s health….There are even probiotics for your dog!

So next time you’re in The Grainery, don’t forget to keep your gut happy!

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